A view had by none of us this morning.

A view had by none of us this morning.

Welcome to the cruise blog for the 2013 UNOLS Chief Scientist Training cruise. UNOLS – the University National Oceanographic Laboratory System – is the body that runs the United States academic research fleet. Each research cruise needs a Chief Scientist to organize the scientific party and ensure that scientific goals are met, and the purpose of this trip is to train 14 early-career scientists in how to be a good “Chief Sci”.

We’ll be at sea together for six-and-a-half days on the R/V Endeavor. We’ll sail from Narragansett, RI, Endeavor’s home port, west along the Long Island coast to offshore New York Harbor. Then we go straight out to sea the Hudson River Canyon, about 300 km offshore, stopping frequently to take samples along the way. Finally we’ll head most of the way back inshore towards New York Harbor, and then back along the Long Island coast to Harbor.

While we’re at sea, Gordy Stephenson and I (Drew Steen) will try to post some updates in order to let you know what we’re up to.

science crew

The science crew

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